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Rx 07. Private Injectable Training & Doctor                 Consultant

  • Train with some of the most successful & top rated injectable MDs in our industry. 

  • If you're looking for guidance from a Doctor peer in our industry, we can set up a meeting for you. 

Rx 08. Keynote Speakers

  • Are you looking to motivate your team? Let us speak to them about our story & how through these difficult times we launched a successful business and beat the odds. 

Rx 09. Team Building Activities

  • Let us help you plan outings and activities with your staff & team.  Team building activities create a fun experience to keep staff happy, motivated and enthusiastic amongst their colleagues with a dedication to your place of business.  From bowling to karaoke we've got  you covered.

Rx 10. MC Events & Entertainment

  • If you're looking for discussion panel moderators, event MCs or special event entertainment, look no further - we've got you covered.  Ever thought about a live Skinterviews presentation?

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