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  Therapy Sessions 

Monthly  Therapy Sessions 

Businesses are moving in directions we never thought of before. The world is forever changed by COVID-19.  Seeking advice on a regular basis is key.  Brainstorming, reviewing plans, staff challenges, marketing and strategy are best discussed with like-minded individuals looking for solutions to continue to thrive and increase revenue streams. 

We can do that for you.  Our monthly subscriber option gives you peace of mind and helps you reach your goals with a collaborative approach.  

Here is just some of what we offer for a minimal monthly fee.

  • One 2-hour initial fact finding meeting with suggestions and ideas

  • One  1-hour follow up meeting every month to assess progress

  • Suggestions for new revenue streams or strategies to increase profit

  • Access to all The Revenue Doctors resources

  • Goal setting and objective planning

  • Set in clinic incentives for staff

  • One Instagram live OR Skintox live show per quarter

  • Attend one clinic event (3 hours) every year (travel costs extra & subject to availability)

  • Discount on all other prescriptions

Are you looking for regular advice and consulting?

 Request a meeting 

If you feel your practice and team could benefit from regular monthly sessions with us, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can show you the benefits of having us on hand on a regular basis.  

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