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The Moral(s) of the story.

2 years ago, I said farewell to a professional career and joined my wife on an entrepreneurial pursuit, known today as ODC, Ottawa Derm Centre.

My former career was absent nothing. No shortage of fulfilment or opportunity. No lack of reward or compensation. No scarcity in growth and development. There was enviable amount by all measures.

Dr. Jennifer MacIsaac and Richard Levesque. Power couple and owners of the Ottawa Derm Centre
Dr. Jennifer MacIsaac and Richard Levesque

So what was missing? Nothing.

The inflection point was a paradigm shift in my life’s expedition. A singular mission (my career) would become a collective effort (family entrepreneurship).

The metrics for success were changing. They were morphing into alignment with a triple bottom line valuation model.

Success = Family (❤️) + Intrinsic Value (😄) + Extrinsic Value (💰)

These 3 poles on my compass combined with my eternal appetite for Adventure, Thrill, and The Hustle, affirmed my decision.

It’s not about what’s missing in life, it’s about what is available, what is possible, what is imaginable.

Not 1 single ingredient can make life great, it takes a mixed dose of many. And these ingredients are not given nor purchased, they are self-manufactured and distributed.

2 years later, November 5th 2020, I’m across the conversation table from my new commercial banker at RBC and she asks, “Do you miss your old job?”

My answer was/is that yes I miss my colleagues and leaders but I don’t miss my role as I’ve transferred it here. The cultural resemblance from there to here, is a matter of pride because the professional values that were instilled within me for a decade are alive and well within our team’s DNA at ODC.

Great people surround us every day (physically and virtually). How we connect our respective moral Legos is our choice. We can build anything together, but the structural strength lays in where and how our blocks are connected.

What an honour it is to feel that we share, by osmosis, some of the ingredients and Lego blocks of such a profound culture from a world class organization.

I like looking back and I love looking forward but most of all, I admire the present as it’s where I am with my amazing wife, our awesome children, and the great people that are beside us today.

Career professionals, employees, contractors, and entrepreneurs, you can have 1 bottom line, or 2, or 3...the "measurables" are yours to choose. You can try to find what is missing in your life or you can pursue what is available, possible, imaginable. Your life’s recipe is yours to prepare, to serve, and to enjoy.

Embrace the Moral(s) of your Story

Visit & to learn more about ODC.

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