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01. Sales & Lead Conversion Therapy

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Rx 01. Sales & Lead Conversion Therapy

This therapy is focused on building the foundation of a successful sales practice – deep product knowledge, effective operations, and developing and leveraging your existing base of clients. 

Existing clients are a greater and simpler source of sales growth – they know you, your business and your brand.  We teach the fundamentals of sales to ensure you are maximizing lead conversion with your existing client base by understanding the lifespan of the customer, and building campaigns to capture all potential services.

The presentation is customized to your business needs based on a pre-assessment meeting with our team.  

 Prescription  Details

  • Sales 101 – training on the foundation of successful sales 

  • Overview of product knowledge

  • In-clinic continuing education and product science

  • The Patient Journey

    • Scripting – how to ensure your brand and service are consistently presented

    • The life span of a client and retention strategies

    • Upselling and bundling of services

      • How to build a synergistic multi-approach

      • How to effectively use loss leaders to win long-term

      • Operational delegation

  • Education led sales to clients 

    • Articulating features and benefits through group role play

    • The Revenue Drs Street Metaphors

    • The Revenue Drs SWOT analysis – devices, products, injectables, surgical

  • Building compelling case studies - before and after portfolios

  • Managing expectations to ensure patient satisfaction

  • Effective client database utilization