The Revenue Doctors


03. Business Planning

 Prescription  Details

  • Deep analysis of your revenue streams, including sources of profit

  • How quarterly and annual goals are set and managed 

  • Cost structures diagnosis, including commission and payables

  • Profit limiters analysis

    • Square footage analysis

    • Product/service analysis

  • Technology and product portfolio assessment

  • Accounting and financing structure

    • Equipment

    • Leaseholds improvements         

    • Commercial mortgage for building purchase

    • Lines of credit and working capital

  • Budgeting and cash flow diagnosis

  • Strategic planning and growth strategies

  • Virtual/Contract CFO 

  • Preparation and intermediary for business sales

  • HR Management 

  • Payroll Management 

  • Process and procedures, medical directives 

  • IT Management

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Rx 03. Business Planning

Having a strong sales team, a compelling clinic story, and a powerful brand is critical but without a strong operations foundation your business will not reach its true potential.  

We will ensure you know how to best plan and manage your business to maximize profitability and minimize your costs.  We will perform a deep diagnostic on your operating plan, service delivery costs and revenue streams to create the ultimate financial prescription.