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06. COVID-19 Surface Protection Detailing

 Prescription  Details

  • Planning

  • Full surface disinfection

    • Monthly service ​

  • Air quality servicing and HVAC disinfection

  • Electro-static surface guard

    • Semi-annual 

    • Monthly effectiveness testing

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Rx 06. COVID-19 Surface Protection Detailing

Let us help you operate with peace of mind.  In these unprecedented times your business should advertise its increased disinfection and preventative methods of bacterial and viral pathogens.  We have partnered with a company using state of the art technology to fully disinfect your clinic and use an electro-static guard on all surfaces to kill bacteria and many pathogens upon contact. 

Unlike other surface guards, our proprietary protectant lasts up to six months.  We will ensure monthly disinfectant procedures with semi-annual surface guard to give your patients and your staff operational peace of mind.